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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

While there’s a huge debate on the possible harms of artificial intelligence, it is impossible to deny that the advantages to business, science and society are ...

Top 5 Uses of Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality technology has recently caught our attention. It seems to be an amazing, new technology that people seem to use the most for games and ...

Why should you buy an Ultra HD 4K TV instead of a Full HD (1080p) TV?

It’s time for festivals and sale season. If you are planning to buy a TV and confused between Ultra HD 4K TV and Full HD (1080p), here in this guide, I will ...

Android Oreo Update – New Features

It’s time for the next Android update. Yes. The Android 8.0 is here. Not just that Google in its launch Android event, announced that Android O ...

Fresh Look for YouTube, Dark Theme & More – Try Now

Google in recent years is working really serious to bring its Material Design to all of its products. Most of the Google Products are now ...

How to Enable Material Design on Google Chrome?

Are you a fan of Google’s Material Design UI? If yes, then it’s time to get geeky with Google Chrome on your computer. You can enable Material Design on Google ...

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