Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

While there’s a huge debate on the possible harms of artificial intelligence, it is impossible to deny that the advantages to business, science and society are tremendous. Nowadays, we can benefit greatly from the use of AI in businesses and everyday life. But since it is a field that is still being developed, the future seems, even more, promising with the aid of AI.

If you are still one of those, who keep some reservations whether artificial intelligence could bring benefits to our lives, we leave you a list of some of the advantages of artificial intelligence.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

It makes lives more fun.

If you’ve ever played a video game, you know how exciting and challenging it is to play against characters that don’t just play repetitive actions, but learn from you and respond accordingly. One great example of this is the game The Sims, which simulates life, throughout the years, the new games have included a deeper used of AI making characters more life-like.

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Artificial intelligence improves technological advances.

Using AI for research purposes can help learn and discover patterns in the information it receives, which could mean solutions to questions of our existing world. Remember that the more it is used, the faster it learns. Scientific breakthroughs that could take humans years to find, a specialized AI dedicated to learn and explore in a specific field, might reduce that time significantly.

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It enhances medical procedures.

Robots are able to cut incisions with a way greater precision than humans, which has led to the debate of including more AI in different medical procedures, such as surgery and diagnoses. It also helps in training staff, doctors, nurses, technicians.  Imagine having a robot that could scan an unconscious patient and in a matter of second it could identify what is causing problems in a much faster way,

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AI Makes processes more efficient.

The number of companies and business that are using AI is increasing by the day, making spaces way more efficient. Tasks as adapting lighting and temperature are being taken care of by artificial intelligence, helping staff to focus better on their jobs.

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It reduces mistakes.

Humans aren’t perfect, and there’s always the possibility of making errors, however, artificial intelligence helps reduce this margin. One of the greatest examples is the self-driving cars, which reduce car accidents in great number. With the help of AI, our lives can be safer.

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IT produces more jobs.

While it is true that many jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence, it is also true that new tasks will be necessary to assist in the different processes AI are involved. While it helps the business grow and improve their processes, companies expand and therefore need more people to run different jobs. A great example for this is Google, which is a company that uses AI in most of their processes, while they have over 70,000 employees.

In conclusion, we may say that AI makes lives easier, safer and more fun, helping us take care of different tasks that could help us optimize our time, and therefore, be more productive. We can only imagine all the benefits that artificial intelligence will bring us, changing the way we live.

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