5th Generation Networks – 5G Networks

There is no doubt we live in an interconnected world, which means there is a huge need for constant improvements in communication technologies. In the last decades, we’ve seen great advances in networking, gadgets and phone technology. 5G Network is coming.

And while there are still many areas that don’t have 4G coverage due to the network range, it is obvious that a more advanced network which can cover a large area will become necessary. That’s why 5G is just around the corner and even though it isn’t available commercially yet, it promises to be groundbreaking, not only in the coverage aspect but also the high data transfer speeds.

What is 5G Network?

The 5th generation wireless system is the name given the new technologies that meet ITU IMT-2020 requirements and 3GPP Release. It will increase greatly the capacity of networks, supporting data up to 20 gigabits per second. 5G will also offer higher mobility and connection density.

What are the advantages of 5G Networks?

The development of 5G network brings an incredible challenge. And the requirements it needs to satisfy in order to be effective. But the benefits it has to offer will surely change the way we communicate and live.

The number of connections: the 5G networks will provide a huge number of users, being up to a million connections per each square kilometre. This will greatly benefit “Everything on Mobile” movement.

Latency: Currently, networks have a latency of up to 50 ms in the case of the 4G network, and 3G networks 25ms only. Which aren’t enough for more demanding apps.

Throughput: The throughput offered by a 4G network is enough to meet user’s needs. However, when the services for 4K videos start gaining more popularity, it will not be enough, therefore, creating the need for higher throughput.

What are the applications for 5G Network technology?

There are a good number of industries that will get benefited from this wireless and high bandwidth technology called 5G.


People around the world love to record and upload videos of their everyday life. The 5G network offers users the possibility to upload HD video clips globally and immediately.

Wearable & Healthcare Technologies

One of the ideas of this is to improve healthcare. For example in sportswear with sensors that can be implemented and are able to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, etc. While measuring blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and breathing. Then, this information will be sent to a database through a network that will send real-time messages to avoid risks.

Self-Driving cars

With the implementation of self-driving cars and its popularization, better management of intelligent traffic will become necessary. In order for it to be safe, cars will need to receive the commands within 1ms, and a 4G network doesn’t allow it.

Online Gaming

The 5G network will have an important role in the possibility of virtual reality applications, and new gaming platforms online with a better experience for the users.
We still have to wait a few years before 5G network becomes a reality. However, the future surely looks promising thanks to the great benefits it will offer. The technological revolution aims to create a smart world where everything is connected, and thankfully 5G network will help make this a reality.

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