Why should you buy an Ultra HD 4K TV instead of a Full HD (1080p) TV?

It’s time for festivals and sale season. If you are planning to buy a TV and confused between Ultra HD 4K TV and Full HD (1080p), here in this guide, I will try to help you which one should you buy so that you do not regret later that you should have bought the other.

First of all, let’s understand the difference between these two technologies.

What is Full HD (1080p)?

Full HD displays have 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall on the screen. Compared to traditional 720p HD Ready displays these are capable of displaying more clearer and high-resolution picture frames. The display ratio for Full HD display will be 16:9, hence better for viewing wide frame videos or movies.

What is Ultra HD Technology?

Ultra HD 4K displays are of 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall (8.29 megapixels), which is almost four times more than the Full HD display. As the number of pixels is huge, the picture clarity will be at it’s best. These displays too have the 16:9 ratio and gives you the best movie/video watching experience.

UHD v/s Full HD

Ultra HD 4k 1080p
Sizes available Great Many in the past, limited today
Height in pixels 2160 1080
Width in pixels 3840 1920
Availability Great Limited
Content Availability Average, but growing fast Excellent
TV Sizes Available 40″ to 100″+ 32″ to 55″

Which one to choose: an Ultra HD 4K TV or a Full HD TV?

Most of the videos, these days are of Full HD and above. So to be future proof and experience the minute details in the videos you watch I recommend the Ultra HD 4K TVs.

Though these TVs cost significantly higher and the Digital TV Services are not providing the Ultra HD Streaming Service, we can expect the technological shift anytime in coming months. These TVs will also have the rendering engine which will upscale the lower resolution media to UHD resolution, but you cannot compare with a video shot at 4K resolution.

However, if the cost is the concern try opting for Credit Card EMIs or Consumer Appliance Loans which during festival season offers you a 0% interest EMIs.

Also, let’s not forget that most of the UHD TVs today are Smart TVs and we can enjoy the 4K content available on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar etc. Even if the UHD TV is not Smart TV, you could buy the Streaming Devices like FireTV or ChromeCast or Apple TV.

Best UHD TVs that you can buy

To get the best ULtra HD experience you could buy a tv from one of these brands LG, Sony, Samsung, Vu & Panasonic. To save some money I recommend buying the TVs online from either Amazon or Flipkart.

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