Android Oreo Update – New Features

It’s time for the next Android update. Yes. The Android 8.0 is here. Not just that Google in its launch Android event, announced that Android O (Android 8.0) would be called Android Oreo, named after the popular tea-time snack.

New Features of Android Oreo

It feels good to see lot many utility features coming natively with this version of Android. Thanks to the team at Google. Now you can have fewer utility apps installed without getting a hit on your productivity.

Android Oreo

Android Oreo


It allows you to do two tasks at a time. Works best when you are in a video call and may be a web meeting, you could do another task without having to miss anything.

New Notification Dots

Now the App icons will have a dot whenever you have an unread notification from that app. Not just that, you could read them and clear notification without having to open the notification drawer with a long press.


This is one of the features we liked. It can remember your logins if you grant the permission. Autofill lets you log in to your favourite apps super fast.

2X Boot Speed

As per official claim, the Boot Speed with the Android Oreo update has doubled in comparison with Android Nougat.

Android Instant Apps

With the evolution of PWA (Progressive Web Apps), it is now possible to use any compatible website be used as an app on Android without an installation.

Google Play Protect

The security feature that scans for the misbehaving apps and alerts you to keep your phone and data in it secure.

New Fonts and Diverse Emojis

Android Oreo comes with new font set and as well as a new set of emojis to express your words better.

Android Emojis

Android Emojis

Background Activity Limits

Android Oreo helps minimise background activity in the apps you use least by default

Notification Categories & Snoozing:

With this feature, you can group the type of notifications into categories and set the custom alert types like notification light colour and tone. Also, the notifications can be snoozed to reappear on your notification drawer sometime later.

Improved Battery Life

Every version of Android has more optimised battery usage. Like wise Android Oreo too will improve the battery life.

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