Top 12 Must-Have Gadgets & Accessories

In the digital everything era, you might have to look into some of the best gadgets that are available for everyone that comes useful in day to day life. Though the list is plenty I have listed the top gadgets that you should consider buying right now. These are some of the must-have gadgets & accessories.

Top 12 Must-Have Gadgets & Accessories


With the increasing number of personal gadgets and most of them are power-hungry. The hardest thing that each one of us is facing is to keep them on for a long time, especially when you are away from a power source.  To keep yourself connected anywhere and anytime you would need all of these devices to be on. So the Powerbanks is one of the most recommended gadgets and tops this list.

Recommended: Mi Powerbank or  Best Rated Powerbanks

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MiFi/WiFi Hotspots

The world without internet connectivity cannot be imagined in 2017. Stay connected wherever you go with this MiFi/WiFi device that connects to a 3G/4G mobile network based on your operator & location. The MiFi/WiFi devices come with an inbuilt battery and will be up and running for at least 5-6 hrs and can connect up to 8-30 devices (manufacturer and network dependent).

Recommended: JioFi or Airtel 4G Hotspot

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USB OTG (On-the-go) Adapters

This little wonder gadget comes in handy when you cannot carry a laptop wherever you go, but your smartphone helps to carry out your work. Carry all your data on a USB Pen Drive and use this OTG Adapter to connect your pen drive to your smartphone. Most of the smartphones today support the OTG connectivity.

Recommended: Best Selling OTG Adapters

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Selfie sticks

Are you a photo freak and love snapping & sharing your snaps on Instagram or Facebook? With most of the phones equipped with a front cam that enables you to snap yourself: with friends or in a memorable place. But to get a perfect selfie you should buy a selfie stick. Look for the ones that come with the click button and extends itself to take a perfect group selfie without having to leave few of your dear ones.

Recommended: Mi Selfie Stick or Photron

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Mobile Lens Kit

Do you love photography, but hate to carry a DSLR Camera and use your Smartphone to capture those best moments in life? Not to worry, with the mobile lens kit and a good smartphone camera you could take amazing photographs on your smartphone without having to carry a bulky camera and it’s lenses. Though these lens kit and smartphones cannot match to DSLR snaps, this lets you shoot a great photo!

Recommended: Photron

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Fitness Trackers

With technology advancing rapidly, now we can monitor our health on the go. Also, track your fitness regime with these watch-like fitness trackers/fitness bands. Most of the fitness trackers have a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep time tracking, clock and Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone.

Recommended: Fitbit or Mi Band HRX Edition

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Screen Cast/Streaming Media Players

These devices can eliminate the need for a smart tv at your home. They seamlessly can connect to your smartphones and laptops to mirror the screen of those devices. Most of these come with the remote and internet connectivity (Ethernet or WiFi) which will help the device to turn your normal tv to smart tv. Few of the below comes with inbuilt storage and has cloud connectivity to make your favourite media files available on it.

Recommended: Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV or Google Chrome Cast

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Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Travel a lot? Love listening to music, but hate an earphone? Portable Bluetooth speakers are here for you to enjoy the music on the go, loud. The best part is most of them comes with an inbuilt battery which can last up to 9-14hrs on a single charge. Connect to these portable speakers using the Bluetooth or NFC. Most of the speakers out there in the market come with volume controls and a power button. Few of them comes with Auxiliary In as well.

Recommended: Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers or Mi or Bose Sound Link (Premium)

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Virtual Reality (VR) Devices / Headsets

I would call this a magical device. Experience the virtual reality with these VR Devices. Google presented an affordable VR device called CardBoard, that one could build by using a cardboard at home. Inspired by this, many others have manufactured an improved device with Headstrap and remote controls. VR devices can also be used to watch movies and play games.

Recommended: Google Daydream or Oculus Rift (Expensive) or Check Best Sellers

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The good old time machines have become smart and getting smarter day by day. Yes. The smartwatches can replace many devices that you carry every day and also, helps you in many ways when connected to your smartphone. Smartwatch is not just a watch that is smart but also acts as a fitness tracker, health monitoring device, external notification device for your smartphone.

Recommended: Apple Watch or Check Best Sellers

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Can’t live without music? Get yourself good sounding Earphones with the most advanced features. Though most of us have one, it is also important to buy a good one to not to miss any little detail in the music tracks you love from your favourite artists. The earphones with a mic and noise cancellation feature are recommended as it can be used for listening music and have call conversations on your phone. Based on your music choice opt for a strong treble or a strong bass or a balanced one.

Recommended: Apple Earpods or Bose MIE2(Premium) or Senheisser or Skull Candy

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Pen drives / Portable Harddisks / Portable SSDs

Do you carry your data everywhere you go? Or move and store the movies downloaded from your computer? Based on the amount of data, you could opt for a high-capacity Pen drive or a Portable Harddisk drive. If you are opting for hard disk drive you will have 2 options – the traditional hard drive or a Solid State Drive. Traditional disk drives are cheaper and slower but offer high capacity when compared with SSDs. SSDs are super fast drives that are expensive, faster and smaller in size than an HDD.

Recommended: WD or Seagate or Toshiba or Best External SSDs

Any of these are missing in your collection? Get them from Amazon or Flipkart now.

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