Sony Unveils new DualSense Controller for the PlayStation 5

Though Sony has not unveiled the next-gen PlayStation named PlayStation 5, it has unveiled how its new controller, the DualSense will look like. Here we bring you more about this news and let you know what features are packed with it.


Sony this time has shown doors to a lot of design elements and brought in some amazing factors. Some big changes in fact.

  • Adaptive Triggers – The haptic feedback and the new “adaptive triggers”, these can adjust the response for different gameplay effects.
  • Integrated Microphone – For the first time, an integrated microphone, Sony must have something big in the roadmap
  • USB-C port – Long overdue USB-C type port
  • Two-tone color scheme
  • More rounded grips and face buttons

Other Changes

Along with the above design changes, Sony has also worked on below changes

  • The share button has been renamed to the “Create” button, which will allow players many ways to create gameplay content to share.
  • Few buttons have got light changes in shapes and angles.

Sony retains the overall layout of the controller with D-pad and the face buttons on the top half, center-mounted touchpad and the light bar.

Overall Sony has given more angled shape for the controller to give better grip and holding experience. More details to be shared at around the time of the PS5 launch.


Sony has not given out the complete details about the specs of the controller. The PS4 controllers were priced $60, similar pricing can be expected. To know anything more we will have to wait till the fall, as Sony is expected to launch the PlayStation 5.

Also, Sony recently had launched its logo for PlayStation 5, wherein it disappointed many as Sony changed only the number from 4 to 5. The rest of the logo remained the same.

Sony will be competing with the Microsoft Xbox and the new entrant, Google Stadia. Expect some aggressive steps in the PlayStation roadmap to beat the competition.

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