iPad Pro 2020 has a Macbook Pro Like Hardware Microphone Disconnect Privacy Feature, Future iPads to follow

Apple is known for its privacy and security features in their products. The recent one is Hardware Microphone Disconnect Privacy Feature on iPad Pro 2020. The Cupertino based tech company in 2018 launched a new chip in the Macbook and Mac lineup called T2 Security chip developed by Apple itself.  This security chip disconnects the microphone when the laptop lid is shut. It is noted in the Apple Security Platform document that the feature is now extended to iPad Pro 2020 models.

Highlights of iPad Pro 2020

Apple recently launched the new generation iPads with few key features like A12Z bionic processor, Twin Rear Camera, LiDAR depth scanner for AR, Magic Keyboard With Trackpad, and Smart Keyboard Folio and more.


More Privacy to You

This hardware-level disconnection of the microphone is a great step by Apple to protect the privacy of its user when the device is not in use. This, in fact, is the first time iPads are getting a feature of this kind though it has been in the Mac & Macbook line up for almost 2 years now. Not just 2020 models, the future iPads will have this feature as confirmed by Apple.

How does it work?

However, this automatic microphone disconnection feature works only if the iPad has the Official cases or Made for iPad complaint cases that are available in the market. When the lid/case is closed, the mic will be disconnected at the hardware level, so that it cannot be accessed by the software including the OS. So, having root or kernel-level privileges will also not help to get access to the mic when it is disconnected.

On the other side, one need not worry about the cameras, both front and rear, as the case will cover both when closed. On the Macbooks, the camera FOV will be obstructed as the lid is closed. There is no information about how it works on iMac computers.

Do you want this feature to be made available on the future iPhones too, as they will be used for a longer time? Do let us know in the comments section.


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