Using Internet to Make Money- Right From The Comfort of Your Home

For many, working from home really is a dream. Flexible working hours means there’s no need to get up at the crack of dawn when it’s freezing cold and brave the traffic or busy public transport. If you prefer to work alone, there’s no need to make small talk with colleagues, or deal with your boss breathing down your neck!

You get to earn a living from the comfort of your home and manage your day in a way that suits you. If you like going to the gym at 11 am to avoid busy times, you can do that and just make up the hour later in the evening. If you have to pick up your kids from school at 3 pm, you can work until then, sort out your childcare commitments and finish up later in the evening when they’re in bed. Working from home means that instead of adapting your life to fit around your job, your job truly can fit around your life. Thanks to technology and the accessibility of the internet, there are loads of directions you can go in with this depending on your skills and interests. Here are some ideas.

Start an online business

There are lots of home-based businesses you can start without much money, and done in the right way could earn you a very good living once established. You could use a skill you have to make products such as baking or crafting. If you have experience and have worked in a certain industry for a while you could become a tutor, for example conducting Skype chats or have customers come to your home to learn anything from playing the guitar to nutrition and fitness tips. If you don’t have any special skills, you could always buy and sell products for a profit. You’ll need to set up a website, and more than likely will need to work with a marketing agency who will be able to promote this properly for you. Educate yourself, find out how to grow your business in 2019. Read books on entrepreneurship, attend seminars and network on social media.


If you have skills such as writing, website design, app design or social media management skills then you’ll find it easy to get work on freelancing sites. Sign up to a website and start looking through jobs. Bid on those you know you can do, once you gain positive feedback you’re more likely to be accepted to work on bigger and better things and more long term projects.

Write a blog

Do you already own a blog? Perhaps you’ve been writing for some time just for fun, after all, blogging does make a fantastic hobby. It enables you to improve your skills while connecting with like-minded people and gives you a creative outlet. Once you’re established and have plenty of great content up on your blog, you can go about looking for ways to monetise. First things first, buy yourself a domain, most advertisers will only work with bloggers who have their own domain name. Get yourself on Etsy and purchase a decent premade blogger template. They’re cheap and easy to install but will make your site look much more professional and at a level that advertisers will want to work with. Go through your old content- update links that are broken and replace bad pictures with better quality ones. Sites like Kaboom Pics have thousands that are beautiful and free to use. Ask bloggers in your network if they’d like to link swap with you, this improves your domain authority and increases your chances of sponsors wanting to work with you.


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