Top Cryptocurrency Marketplaces/Exchanges

Cryptocurrency has become the ultimate way of investment, many people and companies have shown interest and invested money too. If you are also thinking how and which marketplace to choose, we recommend the below Cryptocurrency Marketplaces/Exchanges, as finding the best marketplace for your investments is key to your success since there are many websites which lack security.

Types of Cryptocurrency Marketplaces/Exchanges

Each one offers different features, so it is very important that you know and understand the different platforms before choosing the right one for you. One of the main things you will need to consider is the type of exchange you want to make. For this we will clarify the two type of exchange:

Fiat exchange:

If you are new in this world, this is the way to start trading. You can buy cryptocurrency with fiat money; euros, pounds, dollars, etc. The payments methods allowed are credit card, cash or your bank account transactions.

Altcoin exchange or pure cryptocurrency:

This is only possible if you already have any type of altcoins, and you want to trade them for a different cryptocurrency different from bitcoin.

Let’s see a list of the best 10 cryptocurrency marketplaces/exchanges.

Top Cryptocurrency Marketplaces/Exchanges


This is probably one of the best platforms for beginners since it is very user-friendly and simple to use. You can start by buying Bitcoin or Ethereum with your fiat money, using bank transfers or credit cards.

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It is a global exchange company that offers a great variety of coins and allows payments through credit card and bank transfer, ideal for new users. It is also an excellent platform for start trading.

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It is one of the largest platforms, that has been functioning for some time now. It is recommended for expert trades since it requires some knowledge in order types and a clear understanding of order books. If you are looking to buy large quantities Kraken is one of the best options since the fees are lower than many other sites.

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This U.S based exchange platform that offers more than 150 cryptocurrencies, it offers its users a stability and speed transactions. The fees are .25%, higher than many other exchange platforms. One of Bittrex’ benefits is that it offers a great customer support via email, Twitter and Slack.

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Besides offering an exchange platform it allows users to buy a great variety of item and services that can be paid with cryptocurrency. The fees are very low, and it is available for all countries.

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It offers the lowest fees of just 0.05% and offers a great volume of exchanges. Binance has become really popular since it is available in different languages and has one of the best apps, with a friendly user design.

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One of the most important features of this platform is the speed in transactions, after making your payment it takes only minutes for you to receive your coins. Even though it has high fees it is an excellent place to start trading.

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Based in Europe, it offers a great number of options in cryptocurrency, with low fees varying on your payment method (credit card 3%, bank transfer 1%). For European users, some e-wallets are allowed too as payment methods.

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This platform is available in all countries, allowing users worldwide to trade their cryptocurrencies. Since the company was bought by Circle, it has widened the selection of cryptocurrencies it has to offer for the people who want to trade.

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With this platform, users can choose their payment method, since its purpose is to connect buyers and sellers to trade their transactions. It is an excellent option for countries with limited exchange options.
The options are so wide, that you can choose the one that adapts better to your personal needs and interests. However, it is always important that understand clearly their policies and fees for each transaction, before deciding the best place for your trades.

Note: We do not have any association with any of the above cryptocurrency marketplaces/exchanges. This is just a collective opinion that we have summarised. Trading in any of the above platform is totally up to you and we do not hold any responsibility in case of any unforeseen situations.
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