Top Benefits Of Automation In Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industries, automation is becoming more and more common. As many companies begin to bring in automatic processes, businesses may be wondering if going automatic is a good thing or if it means a loss of skills in the industry. Here are some of the top benefits of automation in manufacturing.

Benefits of automation


An automatic machine, unlike a human worker, doesn’t need breaks. It also doesn’t need time to think about what it’s doing. This means, a machine can work faster on a task, increasing production rates. A machine can keep working for longer, as equipment can be left on to run without increasing the need for maintenance.

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Human labor comes with a risk of human error. Mistakes can be made by even the most skilled member of staff. A reliable machine, like Doosan Machines, are far more accurate. If you don’t have to correct mistakes, tasks will be done faster and you’ll save money from not having to repeat tasks to correct them.

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Manufacturing inherently involves dangerous tasks. Many companies lose a lot of valuable man hours every year due to injury and accidents that require employess to have time off work. Accidents in the workplace can be expensive to a business, both from paying for sick pay, cover staff or even compensation. Giving dangerous tasks to automated machines drastically reduces the risk of accidents. This keeps your staff safe, and reduces the hours lost to injury.

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Once you have a machine set up properly, it will do the same job every time. You can set up manufacturing processes to be carried out more quickly, allowing you to focus on more complex tasks. This results in higher quality products for your business.

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Repetitive tasks are not only boring, but can be dangerous. If attention wanders during a dull task, the likelihood an accident goes up. It’s also difficult for humans to turn out the same results every time. Give those repetitive tasks to a machine, and you get the same result every single time, without attention span issues, boredom or mishaps.

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Lower Costs

With automation, you can simplify the process of fabricating a product to its most basic components. You can keep upgrading the machines to be as efficient as possible. Upgrade your machines to use less power, generate less waste heat, and focus on greater control. This makes manufacturing cheaper, cutting costs and increasing profits.

Automated machinery also means you can run your processes with a smaller team of staff. Less staff means less salaries being paid, saving your company a lot of money.

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Having your machinery connected to your business systems means its a lot easier to look for any problems. If the machines automatically report faults or problems, you can respond even faster to have them repaired before a problem gets worse, taking them offline for a shorter period. You can also track the work being done without needing staff to take the time to manually write up reports, saving them time too.

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