Is ServiceNow Driving Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation has become the hot topic in today’s American corporate. Executive’s are sharing their opinions as “with increasing frequency that there is a need to “digital marketing strategy” to incorporate with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning or they are left behind.

While talking about digital transformation, it is going around for several years or so; now it has become imperative for the businesses irrespective of their industry vertical and size. Several industry articles and news, keynotes, conference talks and research and studies are supporting this fact. It remains relevant and competitive in this digital age; businesses need to transform themselves digitally.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to obtaining distinct things to various companies. In a nutshell, however, it’s all about integrating digital technology to enhance business process and operations thus delivering value to the customers. Its deals with innovation, becoming more productive to create a delightful customer experience using technology at the heart of the enterprise business process. This digital transformation involves information optimized management to engage employees, partners and customers better, increasing customer-centric and achieve operational excellence.


ServiceNow– founded in 2004 under a different name as an IT solutions provider by Fred Luddy- an entrepreneur. After becoming public in 2012, it was expanded to distinct additional offices, and in a brief time, that is still 2016, to over 4,500 employees. Now it is offering a wide range of workplace solutions; business model centres on subscription-based services provided via cloud computing.

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In 2017 ServiceNow revenues were $1.93billion making the company boasts as the most significant customer does more than $20 million in business with it annually with over 500 customers pay in excel of $1 million.

ServiceNow in Digital Transformation

ServiceNow has come at the digital transformation from sharp angles majorly three. ServiceNow started in IT service management. In the past, an employee who attends the office and still didn’t get into the computer due to password expiry. It may need a software update. In olden days, that particular employee facing problem should call the IT department to intimate someone about restoring access. It is a frustrating thing for the employee as well as unproductive.

Now, ServiceNow software platform is providing broad applications to automate the tasks across functions and is used by some organizations as the “central nervous system of digital transformation across the organization”. Let’s take a look at the areas where ServiceNow is enhancing IT Digital Transformation.

IT Service Management

IT service management has moved from cost centre to a department that is strategic. ServiceNow helps to facilitate collaboration between IT service and delivery teams strategically and flexible. It provides a reliable interface to put in requests through categorizing automation and intelligence. IT teams can deliver services more quickly. IT teams have better visibility and control over IT infrastructure and operations through tools like AI (Agent Intelligence) that categorize and assign tasks automatically whereas tools like Performance Analytics provide them with actionable and real-time insights.

Customer Service Management

Underlying the needs of today’s digital customers is not an easy thing. In addition to this, to stay ahead of the competition, enterprises are now focusing on creating exceptional customer service experiences for their customers. Customer satisfaction and Customer experience are the two crucial factors that influence an organization’s decisions to implement a digital transformation strategy.

The customer service management using ServiceNow provides a omnichannel customer service solution and helps in increasing customer satisfaction by identifying the causes of customer issues systematically thus resolving them quickly. It also automates the requests from customers making those available as self-service actions in customer portals. It brings the other parts of the business like accounts, engineering, operations, etc. together to help in faster issue resolution making customer service a team sport.

HR Service Delivery

The knowledge working are becoming more connected, social, mobile, and global, they expect a consumer-like service and excellent digital and mobile experiences from crucial function areas like HR. Since with legacy technology and conventional confusion process with the traditional HR models, these are failing to meet the digital workforce expectations, enterprises have started investigating in solutions t HR service delivery. ServiceNow through its intelligent automation helps enterprises to transform their HR service delivery. It also allows companies in improving their rates of retention through processes of automated onboarding and making the onboarding a very smooth, pleasing and seamless experience.  The self-service portals enable employees to access HR-related information anytime and find suitable answers to their everyday questions on their own. The tools of ServiceNow’s additionally building these HR functions to be productive because the worker’s members pay little or no time in time- intense tasks. A wonderful HR service helps keep workers happy, connected, engaged, and makes them feel valued.

ServiceNow is recognised as the Strategic Portfolio Management Leader according to the latest Forrester Wave for Q3 2017, to help enterprises drive their digital transformation initiatives. It offers a single common platform for distinct teams across the enterprise and eradicates working in Silos. ServiceNow by providing a standard view and management of all work and resources also helps the teamwork smarter, faster and in a more collaborative manner. The actual value of technology is achieved when a single technology platform is deployed to provide associated information’s too distinct stakeholders across multiple silos and departments are removed. It is what exactly ServiceNow offers.

Some Real Instances of ServiceNow

  •       Magellan Health in 12 weeks transformed HR service delivery working with ServiceNow.
  •       It had rolled out their Employee Service Center to nearly 10k employees thus deflecting over 80% of routine inquiries.
  •       Drove 57k article reviews and created a robust knowledge base within a month.
  •       Developed a sound communications plan allowing turning off phone support on day one.
  •       Established change indicators and critical success metrics

Therefore, to support and satisfy the digital transformation goals of any organization across the world, ServiceNow, the leader in IT Service Management is expanding it’s expanding its solutions in areas of Non-ITSM functional areas like Customer Service Management and HR Service Delivery.

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