Selling Your Computer? Here’s What You Should Do

Knowing what to do before you sell your computer is extremely important. If you’re not careful, you could give your computer away containing sensitive information about you. Making sure you take the right steps is key to a safe sale where you will be protected. Make sure you do the following.

Things to do while selling your Computer

Back Up Your Files

Back up all of your files before attempting to wipe your computer. You could use Dropbox or another cloud service, or you could use an external hard drive. This has to be the first step as once you perform next steps, you may not be able to recover the data easily.

Deauthorize Software

Make sure you deauthorize any software you currently have. This also makes a good time to clean up the services you enabled two-factor authentication on. Make the process of someone logging into your accounts impossible. Not just disabling 2 factor authentication is enough, log out from all of your accounts and clear the history of all of the browsers.

Format Your Hard Drive

This is the only secure way to clean your computer’s hard drive. You don’t want any of your personal information remaining on the hard drive, so although it’s time consuming, it’s important. We recommend using a software to deep format your computer so that the recovery of the data is made impossible even with high tech techniques.

Reinstall The Operating System

When you have formatted your hard drive, there won’t be anything on there. Make sure you reinstall your operating system. As long as you have the operating system disks this shouldn’t be difficult. This ensures a fresh environment for the next user.

Physically Clean The Computer

There’s nothing wrong with giving your computer a gentle wipe down and blowing any dust off so that it’s nice before you sell. This is a good gesture.

If you’re worried about data being left on your computer, the infographic below can give you a better idea of what could remain.

One such tool to wipe data is WipeDrive. Data permanence is not an issue with WipeDrive

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