LG’s new design language, Inspired by Nature looks Absolutely Stunning

LG is coming up with a new Design Language for its upcoming smartphones, that is stands out, inspired by nature and looks absolutely stunning.

LG has been known for its designs in the past, however, recent smartphone designs were not really impressive. But now LG is working on a new minimalist design, that is inspired by natural world. The design is quite distinct, when we see the trend in the smartphone industry.

New in Design

The new elements in the minimalist, nature inspired design are “Raindrop” camera and front-back symmetrical curves.

Raindrop Camera

As opposed to the design trend in the industry, the square/rectangular camera bump which can be seen in most of the high-end smartphones, LG has this Raindrop inspired, cameras. The upper-left corner of the phone’s backside will have three cameras and flashlight that are arranged in descending order by size, similar to the falling raindrops. The primary, bigger lens has a thin bump, and other two sits well under the smooth glass. Overall the design looks cleaner and sleeker, with camera bump occupying less space on the back.


3D Arc – front-back symmetrical curves

The second new design element is the new 3D Arc front-back symmetrical curve design, which offers better feel when you hold the device in hand, compared to most of their earlier models. The edges of the display and rear are symmetrically curved, which reduces the sharp edges and perfect angles which has a pleasing appeal to the eye and as well as to touch & hold the device.


 “Our upcoming smartphone will draw on the rich history of classic LG designs which have always been distinctive at first touch. This handset will be a first-look at the competitive edge we will be bringing to every LG smartphone going forward.” – Cha Yong-duk, LG’s Vice President and Head of LG’s Mobile Communications Design Lab


Overall, the design that is released looks quite stunning and we hope the LG will make a comeback in the smartphone business that is dominated by Samsung, Apple and other Chinese Manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus etc. We wish all the best to LG.

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