The Landscape Of Digital Marketing In 2020

First there was marketing … then there was digital marketing. Now 2020 is here, and we stand on the threshold of a new era. 

Ten years ago digital marketing was in its infancy. It’s hard to remember sometimes but even smartphones were few and far between. Certainly online advertising was limited to websites and targeting ads were a long way off. 

Fast-forward ten years and a lot has transpired. Social media, which In the 2000s was used only for connecting with friends emerged as a powerful marketing tool in the 2010s. Mobile marketing took off big time along with the boom in smartphones, and consumers became celebrities through influencer campaigns. 

So what’s next as we turn our attention to the next decade in the hope we’re not left behind. 

Artificial Intelligence 

According to statistics visitors arriving to a site through PPC ads are 50% more likely to purchase than organic visitors. This has led 40% of brands to increase their PPC budgets as of 2019. 

But PPC analytics is becoming ever more complex and many agencies are turning to AI and machine learning tools to do the work instead. It’s not surprising, as the ability of humans to operate the tasks of big data diminishes, AI technology continues to grow in sophistication. 

Machine learning software can now manage all aspects of a marketing campaign with statistical learning methods and bid management systems. Since 2018 they have managed to increase conversion rates by an impressive 22%. 

Multi platform PPC 

PPC advertising has been a massive success in the world of digital marketing, but it’s still dominated by the big two – Google and Facebook. 

In 2020 marketers are set to diversify PPC advertising, and experiment with other potential social media sites and search engines. Think Linkedin ads, Twitter ads, Amazon ads. Even PR firms such as, are in the frame for innovation. 

These platforms, among other lesser-known avenues, present enormous opportunities for brands to reach millions of new customers. 

Personalised Content 

Content has always been a big winner, but as we’ve seen over the past decade it has become ever more sophisticated as marketeers compete to offer the best, most engaging content. 

The effect of this is a change in consumer expectation which raises the bar for content producers. Increasingly consumers want ads that are in-depth, focused and highly specialised. They want to see the relevance of ads and content with their individual preferences highlighted.

The year 2020 will be a starting point for content that is bite-sized and laser-guided.

Chat bots 

If you haven’t met a chat bot before you’re sure to meet one in 2020 and beyond. Chat bot software is installed on websites and interacts with visitors helping them navigate the site or offer advice.

It’s hugely beneficial to companies wishing to cut back on the costs of hiring someone to monitor the site and communicate with customers. So far customers are responding positively to chat bots, they are personable and unbiased, allowing customers to make fast, informed decisions, or find answers to queries without the need to send an email. 

It’s 2020 and the chat bot train is just about to leave the station. Quickly, get on board! 

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