How To Market Yourself As A Copywriter

When it comes to marketing yourself as a copywriter, it can certainly seem overwhelming and confusing – especially nowadays with all the self-proclaimed gurus who like to sell the latest fancy marketing strategies to anyone who will listen to them.

However, like any business – and, in fact, most things in life, marketing your copywriting business really is best done when you focus on keeping things as simple as possible and not trying to go in so many directions at once.

The truth is, marketing is just a tool, and it’s only going to work if you focus on a few simple things and stay consistent at it – the problem with marketing today is that so many people are looking for the magic bullet solution that will make them rich overnight, and unfortunately, this simply doesn’t exist.

So, in this post, we’re going to share with you some of the best and most simple ways to market yourself as a copywriter, and as long as you stick at them and adapt them to what suits you, you’ll always see results.


If you’re a copywriter, it’s pretty important that you have a website. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but having a place to display your portfolio of past work to show what you’re capable of, as well as a list of your services and prices is really going to help you stand out and get noticed when you’re driving potential clients to your site in the hopes that they’ll want to hire you for their next project.


One of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your site is through posting consistent and high-value content to your blog, which you’ll have on your website. Not only does this help bring people to your site through helping you rank higher for certain keywords on Google, but it also helps position you as an authority in your industry and this is what your potential clients need to see in order to feel the amount of trust required with you to hire you.

Email Marketing:

Once you drive people to your blog, then getting them on your list so you that you can stay in touch with them through things like newsletters, blog updates and a combination of free and paid offers is essential to building that relationship and keeping the trust. If you’re not sure how to get started with this or have no idea how to create a newsletter, then it’s really not as difficult as you think, and you can check for newsletter templates here to help give you some ideas and inspiration.


Many people claim that networking is dead, but just because social media is making it easier for people to connect without leaving their house, doesn’t mean that in-person connection isn’t still going to win. In fact, it’s actually becoming one of the preferred ways for people to get new business, simply because so many people are choosing online marketing and avoiding the in-person connection that most people are left craving.

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