Helpful New-age Hiring Websites

Hiring new employees is an important part of the business process and now and again you’ll need to widen your team to cope with workflow or branch out in your capabilities. When going through the hiring process there are lots of hurdles to overcome and lots of confusion, which is why it is great to turn to technology. There are countless helpful tools to utilise for your hiring process, and today we are going to take a look at just a few of them.

List of New Age Hiring Websites


If you want to have some peace of mind when hiring a new employee, it is important for you to carry out background checks. Background checks can be anything from a criminal record check to education verification and will give you some amazing insight into the candidates you are looking to hire. Use Checkr and check multiple different things such as check license status to ensure you hire the right person for the job.

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When you post a job listing onto your website or a recruitment site, you may think you need to be available 24/7 to respond to applicants quickly. However, this is unrealistic and if someone applies for a job at 2 am in the morning you won’t be able to respond right away. This is where Jobpal comes in and will create autoresponders that will answer simple questions in the process. It will engage the candidate right away and make them more likely to tread further into the hiring process.

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Similar to Jobpal, Mya will automatically ask candidates a few questions when they apply for a job. This is a great tool to save you time in the hiring process as important questions that may be integral to the role will be asked and answered immediately. For example, if you need the worker to drive, Mya can ask if they have a valid driver’s licence before you go through the rig moral of interviews.

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Writing a job description is the most important part of the job posting process. Imagine the job description like a poster or a window display for your job role. It is important for you to create a job description that is exciting and engaging, and represents the best parts of the role. Textio is a tool that will use an AI system to check your job description before it is posted and will evaluate it. It will then suggest changes to the flow of the piece as well as the language as to attract the most qualified candidates.

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Gender Decoder

Have you ever noticed that some job roles seem to attract males or females? The reason for this is often the unintentional language used in job descriptions. This is often why technical roles attract men and marketing roles to attract women. Gender Decoder will remove and change words in your job description so that they attract everyone, giving you a wider pool of applicants to choose from.

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Teamabler is a handy tool that uses your current employees to create a talent pool of candidates for future roles. This tool uses clever code to take the social network of your employees and extract data to create a pool of new possibilities. Your HR team is then able to add a cash reward to any open role where an employee can refer a friend for the job. This can be a brilliant way to keep a business ‘in the family’ with a close-knit team who know each other and will also make it more likely for you to get a great employee to fill any role.

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RolePoint has a similar feel to the tool above and is all about the acquisition of talent for a company. This tool allows your employees to track referrals they have made as well as their progress. It can be a helpful tool for employees who have referred multiple people for roles in a company and want to see how they are doing.

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Interview Mocha

There will be times when hiring for a role where you’ll need to test your candidate’s skills and their abilities. It is important for you to be able to assess the skills of your employees before hiring them as this will ensure they have the real practical skills for the role. Interview Mocha has 1000’s of tests readymade that fit pretty much any role.

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If you are hiring a developer for your business it is important to test their skills ahead of time. HackerRank will test the knowledge and skills of your candidates with a number of different challenges.

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