Why it’s Easier to Succeed Using Video Marketing Stories

Everyone likes a good story, don’t they?

Perhaps you relate to the content immediately, or it challenges and inspires – even offers escape – we’ve all been there.  But, although great words are crucial – nothing is better than a strong visual narrative. If you’re honest.

How does storytelling relate to your business?

That’s all well and good you say, of course, we love stories – but how does it relate to my business – bear with us.

Well, it’s exactly the same process with any company’s promotions – people just relate more to visual stimuli.  And that’s why incorporating video into your online marketing strategy makes sense – in a whole range of really important ways.

Firstly, you’ll just seem more, well…human.  And it helps make a memorable connection with your customers, on a truly emotional level.  Using video also shows people you’re more than a faceless online operation – which helps you engage much more successfully.

And if it’s credibility and kudos you’re after – you’ve got it!  Video marketing shows your company is really ‘current’ and connected.

How else does using video help?

Video marketing gives you a much wider reach

This is one of the most important aspects of incorporating video into your wider online marketing strategy. It gives you instant access to enormous free traffic sources – and is one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out.

Users can embed your videos into their online sites and/or share the content themselves – via email, perhaps – or social media.

Video brings your business’s story to life

As we discussed at the start, nothing brings a story to life more than visuals – alongside well-chosen words, of course. And if you include strong customer testimonials, for example, it can really boost your business’s credibility.

Video Marketing

When people can see the benefit of using your company – right there in front of them – they’re far more likely to engage with you. It makes sense…

It boosts your SEO rankings

If you incorporate videos into your marketing, you’ll reap huge SEO benefits – Google rewards the use this content.  It’s logical when you think about it – because the content is just so much more valuable for customers. And the results are equally beneficial for you.

So how should you start to use video marketing?

Incorporating video into your online marketing strategy can be straightforward – if you want it to be. Perhaps you just want to create a short message to share on social media or show what your business does in a typical day.  If you’re really creative you could create concepts that are really effective – in the short term.

But, if you want to make the most of its true potential, you’d be better placed to bring in advertisement video production professionals.

They’ll understand best how to make your video stand out from your company’s competition – which is vital.  And be up to speed on the latest technology, including virtual reality, drone and 360 videographies.

So why not incorporate video into your next online marketing strategy – and watch the benefits of good storytelling unfold?

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