Divided Opinions – Windows or Mac?

Right, we’re going to go there. We’re going to ask the question: Windows or Mac? We know this tends to launch people into pitched battle or at the very least a slightly heated argument but when you’re making the decision to invest in some new technology, it’s a question you’ve got to ask yourself.

We take an unbiased look at what to expect from both and who might be in the market for a Mac and who would be better off spending their money on a Windows performer.


If there’s one thing that might swing your vote it will probably be the cost. While Windows and Linux users everywhere benefit from a huge sliding scale in the cost of laptops, desktops, tablets and hybrids, the Mac doesn’t seem to lose much in the way of value and even second-hand prices are still far more than an average Windows laptop.

But is it worth the investment?

In favour of Mac

Let’s be honest, one of the great things about the Mac is its distinctive and iconic Apple design, it just ticks all the right boxes visually. We know that looks aren’t everything but it has a backlit keyboard and is just a thing of beauty.

In terms of functionality, the Mac brings a strong game. With Apple products absolutely everywhere in our lives, introducing your new Mac to your Apple TV, smartphones and iPad is as easy as a few light touches to its sensitive touchpad. It’s just so easy to get interconnected and join the Internet Of Things.

The Mac’s suite of Apps offers everything Windows does and Its final trick-up-the-sleeve is that you can run Windows through the Mac, this does not work the other way around. Windows users would not have access to Pages, the Mac equivalent of Word, for example.

But what about Windows

What Windows users absolutely love about them is that you can literally plug in a brand new laptop and you’re up and running straight away. You don’t have to spend hours registering everything, just fire it up and off you go. Windows is so easy to use and the myth that Macs are the better design tools is fast disappearing with the increasing number of programmes available for Windows users.

If the Mac is stylish, Windows isn’t far behind and the sheer volume of choice for the Windows user is incredible. Shortcuts? Windows has loads and you’ll never be left wondering how to get rid of that infuriating beach ball when it freezes – https://setapp.com/how-to/ctrl-alt-delete-on-mac, by the way.

Is there a better option? In truth, there really isn’t and it all boils down to taste and budget. The Mac will last and last and has the benefit of the Apple community with it but the Windows user can expect to have a reliable and straightforward working companion for now and into the future.

Go and test a few out, have a play and figure out what suits you best, just don’t get into any arguments.

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