7 accurate compass apps for outdoor scouting

When was the last time you used a compass? A real actual compass? You are probably thinking of a 19th-century movie or some pirate adventure. Try the technologies answer Compass Apps.

It is true that conventional compasses are becoming outdated with the rise of technologies like GPS, smartwatches and other location devices. It is still a very good idea to rely on the compass when you are going on an outdoor adventure.

Nowadays, you can get full functionality of a compass on your mobile phone – in an app. By using a compass not only you are enhancing your survival skills, you are learning a great deal about geography, astronomy, mapping and navigating.

Best Compass Apps for Adventures

Here are seven best compass apps for outdoor scouting that you have probably never heard of (in no particular order):

Gyro Compass App - iTunes

Gyro Compass App – iTunes

Gyro Compass

Gyro Compass is an app specifically designed for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads. The app has a GPS map system, it allows you to easily search and find directions.

There are multiple compass styles you can choose from. The app is free but you are required some in-app purchases. You can even calculate the distance from a particular location to your current location.

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Compass 360 Pro

If you are an international traveller, Compass 360 Pro is the best app for you. It has been modelled specifically to work accurately in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

There are many features such as customizable designs and you can add personal information such as your current location and home. Compass 360 Pro is available for both Android and iOS. It has many features but overall simplicity defines this app the most.

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Compass 54 Lite

Compass 54 Lite is created by Alexander Galstyan. It is a unique app and reminds us of a captain’s compass. It is truly remarkable. The compass has two versions, free and paid. The paid version worth $0.99 includes real-time latitude, longitude, altitude and even weather updates.  

Compass 54 Lite can be defined as a travel information portal, whilst being a great compass.

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Compass (Apple)

If you are an Apple user, we have some good news for you. There is a default app in your iPhones and iPads. The Compass app of Apple has a simple compass screen. It gives you some basic features such as elevation, coordinates and 360º position.

The coolest thing we did with the Compass app was using the leveller tool to see where we were located with relations of the earth’s axis.

Commander Compass - iTunes

Commander Compass – iTunes

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Commander Compass

Commander Compass is created by the developer Pavel Ahafonau. It is one of the best compass apps around. There are several compass modes, advanced calibration features that make it very accurate.

In the pro version, the current position can be saved. You can copy and share locations. And there is a very good GPS and altimeter included as well.

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 Compass Plus

Compass Plus has been specially developed for Android. The Compass Plus app allows you to select different colours for your compass. Other than beautiful skills, it only features some basic functions. If you want simplicity that functions well, Compass Plus is the app for you.

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Altimeter GPS PRO

Altimeter GPS PRO is a great compass app that gives a lot of information. Its simplicity is its best feature. You don’t have to be a very tech-savvy person to operate this app. The pro version of the app is only $3.99. The pro version features multiple options such as barometer, altimeter, pedometer, chronometer and flashlight.

The Altimeter GPS PRO is best for intense travels; hikers, backpackers and scouts.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports. 

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