9 Best Ways to Monetize a WordPress Blog

A lot of people start a blog happily. They are very excited and have just one intention – to make a lot of money. Yes, it is no secret that blogging leads to a lot of money. However, many tend to give up too soon. This is because they don’t understand that the money comes gradually once you create a name for yourself.

Are you looking forward to monetizing your blog? This may not sound easy but you need to start somewhere. Here are some essential tips for building and maintaining a successful blog.

Ways to Monetize a WordPress Blog

  1. Custom Search Engines

This is known to be one of the best ways for users to discover content on your blog. They will simply search for it using their favourite search engine’s integrated search box. Many bloggers don’t know that they can develop a custom search engine and get paid for it each time a user clicks on a sponsored ad displayed within the results. Although most blog themes are available with an integrated search box, it is better to use a custom search engine. This lets you enjoy greater control over the way it functions.

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    Sponsored Posts are very Helpful

Do you enjoy writing? Are you good at it? If yes, then this will help you monetize your blog. A number of websites will pay you for blogging. Actually, these sites work as middlemen who bring publishers and advertisers under one roof. Some even let advertisers choose a specific publisher they wish to work with. On the other hand, a publisher can also choose an advertiser to work with. In both cases, you will be paid a fixed fee for blog post publishing (related to content desired by an advertiser).

Some of the websites will also allow you to negotiate a price; others may pressurize you to follow advertiser’s demand. Others might set price as per the page rank and traffic of the blog. In short, rankings are important. The best and most popular sites for writing sponsored posts include Smorty, PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and SponsoredReviews.

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    Rely on Affiliate Links

A lot of people are familiar with affiliate links. Anyone can become an affiliate of a specific organization and extend support for selling products. Each sale resulting from someone clicking on your link will give you either a part of the sale or a fixed amount set by the corporation. The process is not as easy as it sounds. It involves good amount of knowledge about affiliate marketing. In case, you are not aware of the proper way to promote affiliate links, the sales will drop and visitors may get pushed away which might leave you depressed.

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    Use Google AdSense

Some of the most popular top affiliate link programs include Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, and ClickBank. You would highly benefit from the Amazon Product In a Post and WordPress Amazon Associate. These programs will allow you to choose products that you wish to link to on your blog. Based on the niche of your blog, you can choose one from a huge variety of products.

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    Consider Custom Merchandise

Selling is definitely one of the best ways to make money. Having a lot of supporters will work for you. They will extend support to you by buying products containing name of your blog or your company logo. For instance, you can visit the CafePress site. It will help you create customized posters, T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads etc. All you need to do upload an image or logo of your choice and the rest will be taken care of by the site (handling, shipping etc). The CafePress WordPress plugin can also be used for displaying your products on blog. Another website Zazzle works the same way.

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    Monetize with WordPress Ads

Selling e-books will make you rich. One of the best things about these books is that these are easier to write and sell. E-books are shorter and can be sold through blogs or bookshelf plugins of your blog. You will be surprised to know a large number of people who wish to buy these books.

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    Blog Consulting

Consulting is a very popular way to make money using blog traffic. These services will allow you to charge a fee to provide feedback to readers.

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    Sell eBooks on your Blog

  2. Selling Ebooks

This is a traditional yet very productive way of monetizing your WordPress blog. It will help you sell a unique product within your niche. With a number of self-publishing opportunities available, these days with reputed companies, you can get your own book published without any hassles. These can be sold with major retailers such as Amazon. You can also sell it directly on your website.

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    Design Course and/or Services

Do you love teaching? Would you like to do it through your blog? If yes, then it is a good opportunity for you to monetize it. Try creating an exclusive learning opportunity. You can do this by building a paid online course? One of the most common ways is to sell out these courses by setting up a course. An 8-week course using automated email messages is a great idea. You may even release full package all at once. This will allow students to work at their own speed. If you find this tricky, consult a professional web design company. They will help you get it right.


Using any one or more ways will help you to monetize your WordPress blog. These techniques are being used by a large number of popular bloggers all over the world. They are earning well too!

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