7 Business Tasks You Can Outsource Online

The internet has made it easier than ever before to outsource business tasks. These could be tasks that are time consuming or complex. Here are 7 tasks that you can outsource online.

Tasks that you can outsource online


More people are hiring virtual accountants to take care of their bookkeeping. Whilst some people don’t like the idea of sharing their finances online with someone they’ve never met in person, virtual accounting can be very secure providing you go through an established firm. Always read reviews and check that an accountant has suitable credentials before hiring them.

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Content writing

It’s also possible to outsource writers online to handle everything from press releases to website copy. This can save you time and ensure that your content is written professionally. There are lots of sites online for hiring writing services.

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IT support

Outsourcing IT support online could also be useful. Rather than having to call out a technician, you can have a virtual IT assistant on call who can help you to solve technical problems whenever they occur. Many IT consultancy companies can also help when it comes to organising your company digitally as well as helping you to download the best software and implement cybersecurity measures.

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Legal support

It’s also possible to outsource legal advisors online. If you need help when dealing with a difficult client or employee and want to avoid a lawsuit, having a legal advisor who you can chat to online could be useful. As with accountants, always go through a trusted firm and check for positive reviews and credentials.

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Phone answering services

Are you forever getting interrupted by incoming phone calls? It could be possible to hire a virtual phone answering service to take care of this task. Phone answering services can be useful for filtering out general enquiries and sales calls, relaying the most important information and callers to you. This could help to improve your workflow by not having to answer the phone as often. Many phone answering companies operate 24/7 so that your company always has a point of contact if needed.

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Collecting physical mail

There are now companies as found at sites such as https://physicaladdress.com that can collect your physical mail for you. This mail can then be read digitally or forwarded onto you. Such services can be useful if you work from home and need to accept mail from clients, but don’t want to give out your personal address to these clients. Often such companies are based in prime locations, allowing your mailing address to look more professional.

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It’s also possible to outsource companies online to handle printing for you. Some of these companies can print off documents and mail them for you too. This could be useful if you need to print off lots of physical newsletters but don’t want the task of printing and posting them all individually.

Outsourcing non-core tasks will help you to focus on the actual business and helps you to keep the operating cost to minimal. The above are the ones we think can be outsourced, if you think any other tasks can be outsourced do let us know in comments.

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