3 Great Ways the Internet Can Make Your Business Easier to Run

Running your own business can be tough. There’s a lot to think about and plan, you’ll always want to find new ways to grow and develop, and there’s still more to learn. Those businesses that think it’s ok just to enjoy doing their thing, without investing time into developing new strategies and learning new techniques are often the ones that get left behind.

Big businesses can compartmentalize. They have different teams for different things. They have an in-house HR department and a payroll team. They might have in-house marketing and recruitment too. But, when you run a smaller company, even if you’ve got staff that can help, you’ll oversee most things yourself. This can be stressful and time-consuming. When you are trying to keep on top of the day to day running of your business, it can seem impossible to sit down and find the time to come up with new ideas and ways to grow.

Fortunately, the internet can be a massive help. Many businesses today only start because the internet and online business gives them an opportunity that they wouldn’t have had without it. Whether your business is developed or just starting out, here are three ways that the internet can make it easier.



Paying your staff is a must. It’s one of the essentials in business that you just can’t afford to skip. If you want your team to do their jobs, you need to pay them for it. This pay needs to arrive on time, and automatically. But, organizing payment isn’t always easy. It can be extraordinarily complicated if you have staff across more than one site. Many businesses start out using PayPal to pay their staff, while this seems simple, the fees involved can make it costly. Cloudpay can ensure all of your team are paid on time, without wasting your time or causing your undue stress and worry.


Digital marketing is huge. Even if your business is based offline, there is great value in growing an online presence, working with influencers, making the most of social media marketing, getting your business plotted on google and even using your own blog to grow your business. Digital marketing can be costly if you use a marketing firm, but it can be well worth it, and in the early days there is a lot that you can do for yourself, with minimal cost.


Remote Working

The internet gives us unlimited flexibility. You can work wherever you are, at any time, with apps and tools that link between your phone and your office computer. You can correspond with clients, suppliers, and customers all over the world quickly, efficiently and cheaply. You can use automation tools to make it look like you are always available, even when you aren’t, and your business will never be tied to the 9-5. Used well, the internet can give you and your company both the freedom and flexibility to work your way, to suit your lifestyle. Just make the most of it.

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